Welcome to the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Constant striving after our aim in life will end in success.

Why ECE at KCT ?

Electronics and Communication Engineering is a confluence of hardware and software worlds.
Job opportunities offering high pay scales for ECE graduates.

Our graduates are working globally in leading Multi-National companies such as Qualcomm, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, Accenture, etc.

Course Title Duration Eligibility
Under graduation B.E 4 Year 10+2(PCM), 10+Diploma


To produce pioneering engineers with social concern who can address the global challenges in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and empowering every student to fulfill their dreams and duties to society.



  • To be a department where Ethics, Excellence and Excitement will be the work religion.
  • Provide Ethical and value based education by promoting activities addressing the societal needs.
  • Enable students to develop skills to solve multifaceted technological problems of current time and also provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multi Disciplinary activities.
  • To expose students with multidisciplinary technology spectrum in order to prepare them for diverse and competitive career paths.

Faculty Profile


Name : Dr. Kausar Anjum
Designation : Assoc. Prof
Qualification : M. Tech., Ph. D.
Experience : 8 years
Email Id : anjumkausar42@gmail.com
Name : Mrs. Syeda Asma Bibi
Designation : Asst. Prof.
Qualification : M. Tech.
Experience : 14 years
Email Id : syedaasma05@gmail.com
Name : Ms. Juhi Nishat Ansari
Designation : Asst. Prof.
Qualification : M. Tech., (Ph. D.)
Experience : 12 years
Email Id : juhi.nishat.ansari@gmail.com
Name : Mrs. Sridevi Maradi
Designation : Asst. Prof.
Qualification : M. Tech.
Experience : 5.5 years
Email Id : sangeetamaradi@gmail.com


Name : Mrs. Fatima
Designation : Asst. Prof.
Qualification : M. Tech.
Experience : 4.5 years
Email Id : fm161616@gmail.com
Name : Mrs. Seema Parveen
Designation : Asst. Prof
Qualification : M. Tech.
Experience : 4 years
Email Id : s.parveen414 @gmail.com
Profile Pic
Name : Md. Moinuddin
Designation : Asst. Prof.
Qualification : B. E. (ECE), M. Tech. (Communication Systems), (Ph. D.)
Experience : 5.8 years
Email Id : mdmoinuddin5c@gmail.com
Name : Mr. Jayaprakash
Designation : Instructor
Qualification : Diploma
Experience : 14 years
Email Id : Jayaprakash_2005@rediffmail.com

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